The Transportation Revolution:Roads,Canals and Railroads


The Transportation Revolution was a technological advancement in the transportation system.

It gave a new way for all new technological advances such as in farming industry and commercial economy.All these advancement made the U.S a new power house inside the world.
The Transportation Revolution was started in the first half of the nineteenth century and it starts at 1801-1850.
It¬†was started when Secretary of Treasury Albert Gallatin said we needed to make “internal improvements”
to our nation.
In 1812, we went to war with Britain since we didn’t have any roads. It made travel hard for the troops.
It helped people realize that they needed more and more roads.
Some companies made roads and they hoped they would get some profit.

Transportation revolution

Transportation revolution

History of transport:
The history of transport is largely one of the biggest innovation in the world.
Advancement in transport technology have allowed people to travel farther and expand their influence over larger and larger areas.
Even in ancient times new tools such as foot coverings snowshoes lengthened the distances that could be traveled.
NEW inventions in transport were applied to solve transport problem. AS a result of these transport inventions,
travel time decreased and the ability to move larger increased. Innovation continues as transport researchers and working to find out new ways to reduce costs and increase transport efficiency.

Advances in Transportation:-
In the late eighteenth century the U.S. population was centered on the Atlantic coast with all major population .
River and Water were the central to the national economy while most overland transportation was horse which made it difficult to move large quantities of goods.
In 1803 the country was growing rapidly. During the nineteenth century transportation revolution underwent dramatic changes greatly increasing national  mobility. New transportation technology made it easier and faster to transport goods THROUGH roads canals and railroad

The Transportation revolution : Roads, Canals, and Railroads

In eighteenth-century America roads were built and government played important role in their construction.
in the Early stage roads were constructed and then As the nation expanded the government came to see the transportation revolution as a public good worthy of government support.
In 1808, a government-sponsored Report suggested that the federal government should fund the construction of roads. The suggestion was controversial by Anti-Federalists but many others were agreed that the construction
of roads was necessary for military operations as well as for general commerce. According to the report work began on a National Road to connect the west to the eastern seaboard.
In 1815 construction on the National Road began in Cumberland and in Maryland now these roads play important role to collect revenue for the states.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries canals were necessary to speed goods to market.
The most important AND famous canal was the Erie Canal.The Erie Canal was constructed from 1817 to 1825 .Erie Canal was the first transportation revolutions between New York City and the western interior of the United States.
The Erie Canal made a huge contribution to the wealth and importance of New York City which became the chief U.S. port, and it fostered a population surge in western New York State.
It also served a big change to increase trade throughout the nation by opening eastern and overseas markets to Midwestern farm products and it opened regions farther west to settlement. The success of the Erie Canal led to a proliferation of smaller canal routes in the location.

Rail transport is commonly known as train transport.train transport is a means of conveyance of passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails which is also known as tracks. The history of rail transportation back nearly 500 years.
Rail transport includes systems with man or horse power and rails of woods.Rail transport was usually for moving coal from the mine down to a river from where it could continue by boat.Modern rail transport systems was first appeared in England .The history of rail transport is also includes the history of rapid transit.

Transportation developments encouraged another feeling of conectedness among Americans, empowering a more deeper feeling of patriotism.The transportation revolution pushed nineteenth-century America through the way toward coordinating a whole landmass into a solitary,social and economic element.