Nintendo may never release the prototype. They made it for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the style of the original NES game, but a fan just has.

Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild prototype gets a fan remake
Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild prototype gets a fan remake

A developer, who named Winter Drake, has released Breath of the NES for free on the game-distribution platform. This is a remake of a prototype that Nintendo showed off during a presentation at this year’s and by this Game Developer’s Conference. As part of that event, Nintendo gave a talk about the creation of its latest mega-hit, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (read our review) and the game’s developers revealed. They also talked about that how they tested the ideas for the physics and other systems by first testing them in the 8-bit style of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now, fans can get a test of what that’s like in a fan version.

Like in Breath of the Wild for Switch and Wii U, Breath of the NES includes a material science framework, numerous weapons and a huge amount of things to get. You can slash down trees, set fire to a field of grass, and cook elixirs. In any case, as in the model that Nintendo exhibited at GDC, this fan amusement utilizes a top-down point of view and low-pixel check with shadows behind the characters for a slight parallax-3D sensation. It’s a striking look for anyone who has fondness for the first game in the series.

I have asked Nintendo for a comment because I will update this story with any new information from the company.

This is of course not the first fan game based on a Nintendo property. In the last years, we have seen excellent projects like Another Metroid 2 Remake come from people outside of the publisher but like those games, It should not surprise anyone if Nintendo’s teams of lawyers are typing up a cease-and-desist letter right this moment to send to Winter Drake. That could put a stop to development and distribution on So, you should get it now if you have any interest in trying it for yourself.


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