Sound BlasterX’s mouse-and-keyboard is a fine complement to its audio equipment

Sound BlasterX’s mouse-and-keyboard is a fine complement to its audio equipment

Sound BlasterX’s:

Sound BlasterX’s mouse-and-keyboard is a fine complement to its audio equipment

Sound BlasterX’s mouse-and-keyboard is a fine complement to its audio equipment

You know the PC gaming market is growing up when everyone is making a mechanical keyboard and a mouse with extra features.

Like Razer, Kingston and other Creative Labs wants to capture the attention of people who play a lot of games on PC. To do that, the company already has an excellent speaker systems and external USB sound cards. But now it also has a keyboard-and-mouse set to go along with its other products for capture more customers. The Vanguard K08 keyboard ($140) and Siege M04 mouse ($70) are available now in market. It provides satisfying, reliable experience that looks especially pretty when you pair them with Sound BlasterX audio equipment running the company’s RGB LED lighting system.

What you’ll like?

High-quality look and feel like sound

The Vanguard and Siege have a striking appearance. I think Sound BlasterX’s lighting is starting to win me over compared to the other LED RGB options on the market. A big part of that is the consistency between the products of Sound BlasterX’s lightingSetting up the lighting to work as one between the keyboard, mouse, and speakers (like the 2.1 Kratos system) makes a durable visual bundle that I find exceptionally engaging.

But it’s not just the lighting that makes this set so attractive, many others also will do it. The Vanguard console has a pleasant matte-dark complete on a strong bit of rubbery plastic for the plate underneath the keys. The keycaps themselves utilize a shinier material that all the more nearly matches the Siege mouse’s curving palm rest.

On the edges of that device, you will find a matte material. At that time it’s a fully rubber material that leads me into the ease of use.

The textured grips surprised me, as they’re quite useful and much amazing. The Siege has a more traditional mouse design than some of the more ergonomic models present in market.

As for the keyboard, the Omron switches are not my favorite keyboard ever. Pressing them down is too mushy for me. But it never hurt the Vanguard’s performance. The Omrons seem to explode back into their default position after actuation.

When I played game, the Siege and Vanguard do the most important thing that I want from a gaming keyboard-and-mouse: they settled into my hands and into the desk as I am felled like reality player. I forget about them and am able to focus entirely on the game with all my attention.

Lots of extra features:

The Vanguard has everything that I want from a gaming keyboard and mouse. On the left side, it has the Macro keys. It can help me to set whatever task I want using the Sound Blaster Connect software. On the top it has media keys and a rolling volume bar that is excellent feature which I want. And along the top edge, it has a pass-through USB port for power and data transfer port too.

The Siege is also packed with features too. You can manually set different DPI levels how you want. It also has a dedicated “sniper” button that will drop the DPI down even further when you’re in particular circumstances. This is so useful for shooters.

What you won’t like

Wristrest is flimsy

While Creative Labs did a fine job producing a high-quality product like that but I don’t the Vanguard’s wristrest. It detaches from the keyboard too easily. It also looks nice but I much prefer the faux-leather rests Razer has started.


The Sound BlasterX Vanguard and Siege are real services provider. They are genuinely easy to use and enjoy and personally I recommend them. This recommendation will be especially for anyone with Sound BlasterX audio equipment.



Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild prototype gets a fan remake


Nintendo may never release the prototype. They made it for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the style of the original NES game, but a fan just has.

Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild prototype gets a fan remake

Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild prototype gets a fan remake

A developer, who named Winter Drake, has released Breath of the NES for free on the Itch.io game-distribution platform. This is a remake of a prototype that Nintendo showed off during a presentation at this year’s and by this Game Developer’s Conference. As part of that event, Nintendo gave a talk about the creation of its latest mega-hit, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (read our review) and the game’s developers revealed. They also talked about that how they tested the ideas for the physics and other systems by first testing them in the 8-bit style of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now, fans can get a test of what that’s like in a fan version.

Like in Breath of the Wild for Switch and Wii U, Breath of the NES includes a material science framework, numerous weapons and a huge amount of things to get. You can slash down trees, set fire to a field of grass, and cook elixirs. In any case, as in the model that Nintendo exhibited at GDC, this fan amusement utilizes a top-down point of view and low-pixel check with shadows behind the characters for a slight parallax-3D sensation. It’s a striking look for anyone who has fondness for the first game in the series.

I have asked Nintendo for a comment because I will update this story with any new information from the company.

This is of course not the first fan game based on a Nintendo property. In the last years, we have seen excellent projects like Another Metroid 2 Remake come from people outside of the publisher but like those games, It should not surprise anyone if Nintendo’s teams of lawyers are typing up a cease-and-desist letter right this moment to send to Winter Drake. That could put a stop to development and distribution on Itch.io. So, you should get it now if you have any interest in trying it for yourself.


An attractive  and decent looking title with cracking music, this is a classic SNES game that is fun to replay many years later . Now you can play it wherever you want like Nintendo’s Zelda games . The screen may be smaller. Nothing will be lost with the move to the portable screen. Appearing on many a “greatest game” list a Link to the Past is a joy from start to finish and joins the growing list of recommended New 3DS downloads.


Mad Max developer Avalanche scores $10 million from Nordic film giant



Avalanche Studios today announced that it has received $10 million from Nordisk Film

Avalanche Studios today announced that it has received $10 million from Nordisk Film

Avalanche Studios today announced that it has received $10 million from Nordisk Film. It is the Nordic entertainment company that operates the largest movie chain in Denmark and Norway. This investment makes Nordisk a minority owner of the developer. They said that it plans for the funds to “accelerate its growth in the international gaming market.”

Pim Holfve, chief executive officer of Avalanche Studios  said that “It’s great to have Nordisk Film on board as partner with a solid background from a range of creative industries, they understand our business well and have a matching company culture. This investment allows us to further accelerate toward our goal of developing and self-publishing more high quality games.”

Avalanche has their office in Stockholm and also in New York City. Gamer best knows about the developer for its open world titles. It includes the Just Cause series and Mad Max and it also creates the hunting simulation games. It includes the games like The Hunter, Call of the Wild and the top-down shooter Renegade Ops. We do not know the studio’s next project but we hop so that it’s amazing.

The chief executive officer of Nordisk Film, Allan Mathson Hansen, will join Avalanche Studios’ board of directors.

Hansen said that “We are investing heavily in gaming and look forward to working with Avalanche Studios on bringing the company to the next level and Gaming fits our profile very well.”

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Gamesnews embraces our first love PC gaming

PC gaming

PC gaming

PC gaming has never died since the world alive. It will likely never die. It is strong and  growing very speedy  and we at Gamesnews are going to focus more on the original gaming platform.

We are felling strong to our PC Gaming Channel. Reporter mark harry is the speartip of our charge into the world’s most diverse platform and we are not going to just cover news about games we are going to dive into how people make these works of art. How they come up with ideas and designs? how they figure out mechanics and which tools to use? How they sign with publishers and build communities? how they support their games with post release content? And more.

We will be talking to designers about that how they deal with animation? how they deal with lighting? and how they customize game engines for their unique creations. We will talk to analysts about the best ways to monetize and see what leading marketers have to say about promoting your game. We will also talk to social media marvels about spreading word of mouth on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and other social media sites. We will also talk to those who’ve had success on Steam and how to learn from their lessons.

We will also focus much on the indie scene, with bite-sized looks at games, interviews with designers, and much more about it.

Some of this will come in the form of our reporting but we will also run advertise from a variety of voices in PC gaming.

We have  won the support of Intel, one of the industry’s biggest players as sponsor for what promises to be an incredible journey.

So, please, join Gamenews on this next adventure  it’s going to be an exciting ride.

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