Gamesnews embraces our first love PC gaming

PC gaming

PC gaming

PC gaming has never died since the world alive. It will likely never die. It is strong and  growing very speedy  and we at Gamesnews are going to focus more on the original gaming platform.

We are felling strong to our PC Gaming Channel. Reporter mark harry is the speartip of our charge into the world’s most diverse platform and we are not going to just cover news about games we are going to dive into how people make these works of art. How they come up with ideas and designs? how they figure out mechanics and which tools to use? How they sign with publishers and build communities? how they support their games with post release content? And more.

We will be talking to designers about that how they deal with animation? how they deal with lighting? and how they customize game engines for their unique creations. We will talk to analysts about the best ways to monetize and see what leading marketers have to say about promoting your game. We will also talk to social media marvels about spreading word of mouth on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and other social media sites. We will also talk to those who’ve had success on Steam and how to learn from their lessons.

We will also focus much on the indie scene, with bite-sized looks at games, interviews with designers, and much more about it.

Some of this will come in the form of our reporting but we will also run advertise from a variety of voices in PC gaming.

We have  won the support of Intel, one of the industry’s biggest players as sponsor for what promises to be an incredible journey.

So, please, join Gamenews on this next adventure  it’s going to be an exciting ride.

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