Strife developer S2 Games channels Clash Royale with Brawl of Ages


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Clash Royale the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) world must be very flock to break into. But  it may be a studio could sneak into the emerging Clash Royale clone market.

S2 Games announced today that Brawl of Ages(a new free-to-play PC game) is available via Early Access on Steam. Brawl of Ages which murge  by the combination of MOBAs and digital card games becomes like the mobile hit Clash Royale which earned $1 billion in its first year. However, Brawl of Ages is not a mobile game, instead releasing on PC.

S2 Games got its start with the PC MOBA Heroes of Newerth that was came out in 2010. At a time, its only trailed League of Legends (which was launch one year earlier) as top of its field but it fell behind when the MOBA exploded losing to new competition like Dota 2. S2 Games released a new MOBA, Strife, in 2015. It has not managed to compete with League of Legends or Dota 2.

Marc DeForest said, chief executive officer of S2 Games, in a press release sent to revolutionary marketing ideas that “As we developed Brawl of Ages and took feedback from the closed beta, we were inspired by several real-time strategy, MOBA, role-playing game, and Tower Defense games as we wanted to hit the key features of these games with none of the drawbacks typically found in these genres Brawl of Ages was designed with casual and competitive gamers in mind so players can quickly enjoy an intense action-strategy game or dig deeper and create unique decks and strategies as they rank up over time.”

later in 2017 S2 Games becomes also planning a commercial launch for the game.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale

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Automata surpasses 1 million copies shipped or sold digitally


Automata surpasses 1 million copies shipped or sold digitally

 Automata surpasses 1 million copies shipped or sold digitally

Automata surpasses 1 million copies shipped or sold digitally

Not only are designers and distributers appearing one intrusted game after another in 2017, a large portion of those launch are finding tremendous gatherings of people too.


Nier: Automata, a science fiction activity pretending diversion from Square Enix, has outperformed 1 million duplicates delivered to stores and sold carefully through Steam on PC and the PlayStation store on comfort. The distributer uncovered that it has achieved this point of reference only a month after the amusement’s March 7 dispatch.

This is the spin-off of Nier, a 2010 RPG for PlayStation 3, that has a committed after. In any case, while that unique diversion was to a greater extent a religion most loved for a specialty group of onlookers, Automata is getting on with a more standard player base.


The amusement’s prosperity is because of a few components, and the adored status of the primary diversion is a piece of that. Be that as it may, Automata is outperforming that because of an enormous number of positive surveys, which is something the principal Nier passed up a major opportunity for. The new Nier likewise propelled all the while on PlayStation 4 and PC.


The Windows discharge is still among the main 10 successes on Steam, Valve’s PC gaming entrance, and it was consistently in the No. 1 spot all through the main couple of weeks after its introduction.


At last, the diversion’s race to 1 million duplicates dispatched or sold carefully is to some extent because of its about concurrent discharge crosswise over districts. Square Enix developed expectation for the amusement since uncovering it at the Electronic Entertainment Expo industry public expo in Los Angeles in 2015. And after that it propelled it in Japan, Europe, and the Americas all inside seven days of each other.


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